Truman and Teddy Digital Gift Card

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Truman and Teddy Digital Gift Card

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Give your loved ones a gift for buying the best pet bed they could imagine.

Truman + Teddy pet beds are superior in design, quality, comfort, and convenience. Our beds for dogs and cats feature indoor/outdoor fabrics sourced from the finest textile mills and fabric brands. They are known for their durability and hardiness (looking at you, puppies and chewers!), and are resistant to water, stains, odors, bacteria, mold, and fading.

Much more allergen friendly than traditional dog or cat beds, our beds are easy to clean. No more trying to peel off a musty, dusty cover and stuff a bunch of oversized parts into your washing machine!

Constructed on an elevated base of sturdy, PVC plastic, Truman + Teddy beds allow 360-degree airflow, keeping your pet cool and comfy, especially in the warmer months and in the humid, sultry Southern climates. Additionally, the elevation provides an easier transition on and off the bed for older dogs and large-breed dogs at higher risk of joint issues and hip dysplasia.

Made in the USA, Truman + Teddy beds generally last the lifetime of your pet when properly maintained. Each bed - even the small size! - holds up to 200 pounds and can handle multiple pets lounging together, or even your toddler accidentally using it as a trampoline! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if, for any reason, your Truman + Teddy bed doesn't meet your satisfaction.

Small bed: 30" x 20" x 6" / weight: 6 lbs.
Large bed: 40" x 28" x 9" / weight: 9 lbs.
Medium bed: 34.25" x 23.5" x 7" / weight 6 lbs.
X-Large bed: 43" x 33.5" 10.5" / weight: 12 lbs.
XX-Large bed: 46" x 33.5" x 10.5" / weight 12 lbs.

Not all designs are available in all sizes.