What’s special about our beds? A lot!

A Truman + Teddy pet bed is different in all the ways you never knew you needed. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship, cleanliness, and conveniences of a T+T bed, and your furry friend will love the comfort. We call these the 4Cs of our commitment to you, our customer.

  • Our beds' beautiful indoor/outdoor fabrics are sourced from some of the country’s finest textile mills and most reputable brands.
  • They're resistant to pet messes, water, odor, staining, mold, mildew, bacteria, and fading.
  • They’re so easy to clean (just spray, rinse off, and air dry)!
  • Each bed holds 200 lbs. — even our small beds!
  • Our beds are elevated, keeping your furry friend cooler by promoting 360-degree airflow and providing easier on/off for large breeds and senior-aged dogs.
  • Much more allergen friendly than traditional pet beds. No more musty, dusty, crustiness.
  • Lightweight and travels in a snap
  • Any bed can be personalized with our embroidery service.
  • American made in our workshop near Greenville, South Carolina
  • Properly maintained, our beds should last for years and years!
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