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As easy as owning a Truman + Teddy is, even still, you may have questions.

How do I do this? What about that?

We've tried to cover all the bases for you here.

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How-to At Home

Truman + Teddy beds are meant to be low maintenance, from the time our box arrives on your doorstep through all the years your dog enjoys it.

Click here to watch a step-by-step instructional video on How to Assemble Your T+T Dog Bed in 4 Easy Steps.

You may also download the instructions here. (These arrive in the box with your dog bed.)

Your Truman + Teddy dog bed is very easy to clean and maintain. Properly used and cared for, T+T dog beds should last the lifetime of your dog.

Gone are the days of having to figure out how to stuff that lumpy, frumpy bed into the washing machine!

Download our T+T Dog Bed Care Instructions, which also comes inside every box with your Truman + Teddy dog bed.

If you have a dog (or cat!) that sheds, you'll definitely want to learn this handy hack for removing pet hair from your Truman + Teddy bed!

If you've just assembled your T+T dog bed, now's a good time to lightly spray it with a homemade mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part fabric softener.

If your dog's already actively using the bed, vacuuming it using your vacuum cleaner's upholstery tool should remove most, if not all, of the hair. Once that's done, then spray with the water/fabric softener mixture mentioned above.

For those small, pesky strands of hair, use a lint remover!