About Us

Located near Greenville, South Carolina, Truman + Teddy is a small family business owned and run by David Prince. During the COVID-19 shutdown, David had to build a ballet barre for his daughter so that she could take dance class online. That project led to more tinkering, eventually resulting in David's making beds for his family’s three dogs. A year later, David left his C-suite career to focus on developing a bed for pets unlike any currently on the market. A year after that, Truman + Teddy was officially born.

Truman's story

In 2020, the Prince family fostered Truman – a senior, previously abused, and terminally ill German Shorthaired Pointer – through Southeast GSP Rescue. A hospice foster, Truman was in the twilight of what had been a very hard, sad life. David's family decided to make Truman’s remaining time as joyous as possible. In the end, Truman blessed them more than they blessed him. On the day he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Truman was formally adopted by the Princes. He'll forever be remembered.

Teddy's story

David gifted his wife Jamie a Brussels Griffon puppy for her birthday in 2020. Teddy came into the family just weeks after Truman’s passing, an event that wasn’t planned but that ultimately proved to be a great blessing. As David describes him, Teddy “walks in between the raindrops” and is a small dog with a huge personality who's brought immeasurable joy into their family at a time when they needed it most.